PIV System components

Koncerto supports wide range of cameras

Koncerto supports wide range of cameras for PIV, Time Resolved PIV, Micro PIV, LIF, etc. Koncerto is designed to easily add support for new cameras.

Double shutter camerass

  • ES1.0
  • ES4020
  • pco.1200hs
  • pco.1600
  • pco.2000
  • pco.4000

pco.2000 Image

High sensitivity cameras

  • iStar
  • LUCA

High speed video cameras

  • SV200i
  • 512PCI
  • 1024PCI
  • APX
  • SA1
  • SA3
  • SA5
  • Phantom V7
  • Phantom V9
  • GX1
  • Mi2000
  • Mi4000
  • Mi8000
  • MotionPro

Mi4000 Image

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PIV Lasers

PIV Lasers ImageDouble pulse laser is widely used for a standard 2D-PIV system. As it has two independent laser heads, the pulse separation between double pulse is completely flexible. Many other types of PIV lasers, such as CW Q-switch high repetition rate pulse lasers for time resolved PIV systems and CW lasers for Confocal Scanning Micro PIV systems, etc., are available.

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Timing controller

PIV Lasers ImageKoncerto supports TT1680 and LabSmith LC880. TT1680 has 8 physical output channels, 8 logical output channels and 8 input channels. LC880 has 8 output channels and 8 input channels.

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Light sheet probe BZ-60

Light sheet ImageBZ-60 generates laser light sheet. Focal length is adjustable continuously. Light sheet divergence angle can be adjusted by changing cylindrical lens. As beam expander is incorporated inside, BZ-60 generates high quality uniform light sheet.

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Scheimpflug camera mounts for Stereo PIV

Scheimpflug camera ImageIn stereo 3D PIV, Camera views the light sheet from an oblique angle. Scheimpflug camera mount ensures all the areas of off-normal object plane in focus. Rotation axis is on the center of the sensor. It ensures no image offset when aligning the Scheimpflug angle.

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Camera calibration targets

calibration targets ImageCamera calibration is very important for accurate PIV measurement in stereo 3D-PIV and 2D-PIV with distorted images. Flat and multi height, double sided types of many sizes are available.

CLP-DPDS : Double Plane Double Side type. It has common lower plane which ensures the accurate camera calibration when the cameras are located on both sides of laser light sheet in Stereo 3D-PIV.

SPDS : Single Plane Double Side Flat type. This type requires target traverse to record multiple height of target images. But it ensures accurate measurement.

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Seeding generators, Rakes and Particles

Seeding generators ImageSeveral types of seeding generator are available.

Air / gases : Laskin nozzle type of oil particle seeding generator

Combustion and plasma : solid particle generator

Water / liquid : Micro bubble generator
Seeding rakes are used for dispersing the seeding smoke with uniform density. It is especially useful for a blow down wind tunnel.
Many types of solid seeding particles are available.

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